Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reflection on Summer Learning

The theme of this summer's math class has been "Math can make you healthy, wealthy, and wise." Please explain how math does this by giving examples in each category. Thanks!


  1. I've learn that I've got to strain my brain. but that's the way you have to learn. yes I've learn some things. but I'm getting there.


  2. This summer I have learned how math can make you healthy, wealthy and wise. How math is in everyday life, and how math can help you in ways to build a life. I learned how to long divide and to work with fractions. I enjoyed working with the many teachers provided and the many ways they helped me learn what was given for the tasks provided as well. Even though some of the work was a bit challeneging I worked and asked for help to understand it. The more i worked and asked question when I struggled through a problem, the more I learned about the problem.