Monday, May 3, 2010


Do you know what a palendrome is? Describe... List some words that are palendromes. How can numbers become palendromes? Try this...

Problem Description
If any two digit number is reversed and added to itself, and the process repeated long enough, a palindromic number will result. A palindromic number is one that reads the same forward and backward.

Which two-digit number requires the most number of operations before a palindromic sum is reached? And how many steps are required?

As an illustration of the process, take 57: 57+75=132, not palindromic. But the next step, taking 132, reversing it and adding the two gives 132+231=363, which is a palindrome in
two steps!


  1. Palendromes are numbers or words that repeat them self.

    I don't get the rest.


  2. 75+57=132+231=363 the way I did it is like this
    I add 75+57=132 then I add 231+132=363 and got my answer. I took 132 and reverse it to 231 and add both together and get your answer.


  3. A palendrome is a word or a number that is the same when written forward and backwards. Some words that are palendromes are mom, dad, eye, and s.o.s Numbers can be used as follows you reverse the numbers then add them.

  4. A palendrome are words or that say the same thing frontwards or backwards. Or numbers that repeats itself. Gail