Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Money Math

How do you know if you are given the right amount of change? How do you know if your paycheck is correct?


  1. you count up from the amount owed when you give back change or receive it. Count your hours and multiply by your hourly rate.

  2. you make sure that you count your change before leaving the store. Look at the paycheck before you leave work and make sure it is the right amount. you should know how much your paycheck should be. Before you leave the bank make sure that you count your money and that it is correct.


  3. be very careful

  4. If you make 8 an hr x 40 hr's your pay check should be 320 before tax's that is how you know if your check is right.

    Take the amount you gave someone and subtract it by what they gave you back.


  5. you subtract the amount from the money you gave. or you can add the amount given back to the amount it cost you. take the total hours and times it my your hourly pay. gail

  6. I know what money I gave the cashier and I count the change they give me and it should add up.
    I keep copies of my time card and I know what my deductions should be. Good thing I do because there was a mistake last fall and I caught it!


  7. find out how much you owe them and just add it to what u get back. and the paychack u would or sould do is add up ur hours and then multiply by the hourly rate and if u are the casier u count the money back to them befor u put the money away in the braw because i was one for 4 years jeannie